BERDIZ offers either consultants at customer site or Back-office services where a complete or part of an engineering package could be delivered.




    Throughout the years, this area of expertize has grown stronger by a couple of reasons. One of them would be the obvious from growing experience within the field of engineering of the founders but also expansion of the company. A number of experienced personnel have been added and successful hiring of highly recommended/skilled young personnel have been possible through tight cooperation with universities.

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    BERDIZ offers experienced design engineers. In combination with other areas of knowledge, this creates the opportunity to provide complete solutions.


    BERDIZ offers experienced and certified Project Managers to help out. Either on site, assisting to complete a local project or back-office if a complete solution is to be delivered.

    Examples of areas in which BERDIZ can offer certified project managers:
    - Manufacturing industry
    - Civil engineering
    - Research and Development
    - Nuclear industry
    - Refinery and Chemical process industry
    - Contract Management


    Berdiz has been doing Electronic hardware development, Electronic hardware testing, Control engineering development, programming and Reqirement management at companies such as ST Ericsson, Sony Mobile, Kraftelektronik, Saab, Emerson Process, Toyota-BT, Autoliv, Actra, CEVT, Partnertech and Ruag.


  • Manufacturing of mechanical components in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    Manufacturing of mechanical components in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    In addition to engineering services, BerDiz Consulting AB is connecting Swedish and Bosnian companies in order to improve international collaboration in the manufacturing industry. To do so a sister company named BerDiz Production d.o.o. was created in Stolac (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
    This approach was successful as some of our Swedish customers shifted to use this for parts of their production. The benefits of this approach were multiple:
    Swedish company became more competitive by lowering their manufacturing cost whilst Bosnian companies got to create new jobs, the chance to make a bigger profit, and adopt new technologies while gaining international experience.
    Berdiz Consulting AB has been working with manufacturing in Bosnia since 2004.

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