BERDIZ are active within a number of various business areas. Examples are as follows:

Energy sector (Nuclear)

BERDIZ has been active in the nuclear business area for more than 10 years specialized in structural analysis of piping- and support- systems verified according to ASME code. The company can offer qualified engineers with several years of experience in Pipestress, ANSYS, and several other FE-simulation programs.

Some clients of BERDIZ in the Energy sector are: Okg Nuclear Power Plant, Forsmark Kraftgrupp, Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant, Barsebäck, Westinghouse, Svafo, Alstom, Siemens Industrial Machinery, Areva Uddcomb, SKB, Inspecta, Fauske, Mercatus Engineering.

Certified SQUG engineers

BERDIZ can also offer certified SQUG (Seismic Qualification Utility Group) engineers. The SQUG group has developed an experience-based method to provide a practical, cost-effective alternative to shake table testing and dynamic analysis to seismically qualify equipment for use in nuclear power plants (

SQUG walkdowns have been performed at Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant and at Okg Power Plant together with Fauske & Associates. Additionally, Berdiz can also provide engineers with SQUG - Relay Screening and Evaluation competence.


The majority of engineers at BERDIZ have experience in analysing pipe- and support- systems which can be applied also in industry segment. Verification is done towards ASME or other relevant standards.

Some clients of BERDIZ in Industry sector are: ÅF Industry, GKN Aerospace, Fauske & Associates, SKF, Emerson Process, BT-Toyota, Saab Aero.

Motorized vehicles

BERDIZ has experienced engineers working with CAE and Active Safety in leading companies within the MV-sector.
Some clients of BERDIZ in Motorized Vehicle sector are: Autoliv, Actia, CEVT, Toyota-BT and Scania.

Manufacturing of mechanical components

BERDIZ has a sister company located in Stolac (Bosnia and Herzegovina) that can offer different kinds of hardware manufacturing.
The company has successfully aided several Swedish customers in moving their hardware production to Stolac resulting in lower manufacturing costs.